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We have processes, skills, infrastructure and tools that allow us to perform a level of work on these vehicles that other businesses will not even be willing to attempt.

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Urban Land Cruisers + Land Rovers now has a full service repair and restoration facility as well as being a retailer of specialty Land cruiser, Land Rover and Expedition parts.

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We have become the leading repair and restoration business in both Land Cruisers and Land Rovers in North America. We are happy to work with you to design and build your truck.

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Welcome to Urban Trucks for Sale

Hello there and thank you for visiting our vehicle sales site!

We started this wait in June of 2014 in a effort to consolidate all of our "For Sale" vehicles in one, easy to get to, location. Prior to that, we had been selling Land Cruisers and Land Rovers for many years but it was mostly a word of mouth sort of thing.

In early 2014 we opened our UK location primarily in an effort to better serve the US Land Rover community in vehicles sales and modifications. It has quickly grown so that now we are servicing the US the UK and the EU!

We invite you to come in and see not only what we have for sale but we have sold and, most importantly, what we can provide for you. Please be sure to also visit our service site and our sales site.



Recent Listings


1989 RHD Defender 90 Country

75 Miles | 1989 |



1985 Defender 110 LHD

55,000 Miles | 1985 |



1984 Defender 110 CSW RHD

90,000 Miles | 1984 |



1987 Ex MoD 110 “Keswick” LHD

110,000 Miles | 1987 | SUV



1984 Defender 90 RHD White CSW

45 Miles | 1984 |


In Process

1989 Ex MoD Defender 90 LHD

91,000 Miles | 1989 |